10% credit back


How it works: For every purchase you make at the AITUI™ flagship location, you will recive an instant 10% credit back. Use your credits to purchase new gear.

How do I sign up? Join our customer update group in SL: AITUI - The Update Group. Be sure to wear your group tag when purchasing items to begin racking up credits

How do I spend my credits? Right-click on a product you'd like to get & select "CREDIT" from the pie menu. If you lack sufficient funds to pay for your new item, visit the credit terminal to increase your credit level.

Shop Locations

Virtual Second Life™ Location

Flagship Store, all products located here.
Plus 10% back on all purchases!

Web-Based SL™ Marketplace Front

Limited inventory but ability to "shop from home."

What We Do

Popular company working with the Second Life™ platform to deliver HQ content. AITUI™ specializes in tattoos and innovative stretched ear work. We also do accessories and men's clothing.

More Info

Show Yourself!

We'd love to see what you are doing with AITUI™ products! Show yourself in the AITUI™ Flickr™ Group by adding your photos to the pool.

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All business inquiries should be directed to our CSR, Athena Loring


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