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Jesseaitui.Petion (boy of crows)


Years Active: January 2006 - Present

What I do: I founded AITUI in early 2006 beginning with tattoo creation and adding in menswear in 2007. I enjoy giving standard things a unique twist!

What I use: Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Wacom Intuos Tablet



Years Active: November 2010 - 2011

What I do: Create items for the menswear department

What I use: Adobe Photoshop, 3ds max

What We Do

Over 5 years strong!
Popular company working with the Second Life™ platform to deliver content creation. AITUI™ specializes in men's avatar items consisting of clothing, hair, and skins; as well as unisex tattoo and stretched ear work.

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